Current security measures in force in connection with Corona or Covid-19

    Fortunately, our hotel is open and safe for you as a guest!!

    The 2 restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 22:00.

    Is it safe to visit Hotel Heere?

    We have furnished the hotel and facilities according to the guidelines of the RIVM. We do everything we can to keep the risk as small as possible. Our staff is aware of all measures in the hotel that are necessary to make the hotel as safe as possible. It is very important that visitors adhere to the instructions of the staff and follow the guidelines in the hotel. Together we make your stay as safe and pleasant as possible.

    Hotel Heere places high priority on the health and safety of our guests and employees and does everything it can to prevent risks of contamination and spread. In order to receive you as safely as possible, our hotel has been completely adapted to the new situation. Everything has been thought of and we comply with all guidelines for a carefree and safe stay.

    Improved cleaning and hygiene protocols.

    Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles with antibacterial liquids.
    Disinfectant dispensers are available in all public areas for you to use.
    Face masks are no longer required in public areas.
    The hotel rooms are completely disinfected with a disinfection smoke machine before you arrive.
    Compliance with procedures for dealing with colleagues and guests who are ill.
    We follow the guidelines and recommendations of the government and RIVM

    We are very proud of our team, which is currently working hard for our beautiful company and thinks along in solutions!

    We believe that even in these times very nice initiatives arise and are happy to help with this!

    Can I still cancel or change my booking?

    In this uncertain time we always offer you the option to change your booking to another date free of charge.


    Do you have a question?

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    Be careful, safe and stay healthy.

    Lots of love on behalf of the whole team!

    fabulous stay