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    Enjoy the naturepark Biesbosch



    1 night with breakfast buffet
    on arrival reception with champagne in the restaurant, followed by a 3 course dinner
    entrance fee for the whisper boat
    The boat is an authentic rietaak, equipped with a solar-powered engine. Previously, the rietaak used to wood, cane and agricultural products from the Biesbosch creeks and gullies to the Mainland. The whisper boat “Fishermen hang” seats up to 60 people. With this boat tours guide you through small creeks and gullies of the Biesbosch National Park. These tours are unique because they rietaak not only silent, but also only has a depth of 35 cm. this boat tours offer you the opportunity of nature in the National Park the Brabantse Biesbosch to enjoy. A wonderful trip for nature lovers, associations or occasional groups to enjoy the flora and fauna of this beautiful marsh area. Or just for your rest.